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Meet the Winn Family Practice Family Medicine Providers


Meet Dr. William Wood, graduate of the McGill University medical school
is  a Family Medicine Physician with over 40 years of clinical practice
experience. Dr. Wood has spent his professional career practicing family
medicine, emergency medicine, and urgent care.  Dr. Wood also served
as an associate professor at the Department of Family Medicine at the
University of Ottawa from 1976 – 1999.  In 1984, Dr. Wood spent a year
in Ireland studying rheumatology at Cork Regional Hospital, with a special
emphasis in cervical disc pain.


Meet Jaemie Waters PA-C,  graduate of the Physician Assistant Program
at the University of Oklahoma.  Ms. Waters has over 17 years experience
as a PA with an extensive background in emergency medicine, general
practice and pediatrics.  In addition she provides hormone treatment and
therapy to patients who are in need of such services.  Ms. Waters
evaluates and treats patients of all ages, including well visits, routine
physicals and exams. Kids love Ms. Waters.  She is passionate about
practicing preventive medicine and women’s health.